Look at us — falling right back into our old rhythms.

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mars 16

Benedict reading the lyrics to R. Kelly’s song

kill me nooow.

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Watch the Chance Family’s Walls Come Down: http://fox.tv/1hDq2Er

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février 16


So I’m sitting here watching the hounds of Baskerville episode of Sherlock when I noticed this at the very beginning… Is that the TARDIS?

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None of the cabs would take me!

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février 16


Talking with his hands

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Sherlock, don’t.

I’m not even in this fandom and I think this is adorable/hilarious. 

The kid has the hair asbfsjfgdfhfhd

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John Watson’s blog updated

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Mind Palace.

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November 13th, British GQ’s 25th Anniversary Auction,

and the distant sound of exploding ovaries.


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No limits, no boundaries.Benedict Cumberbatch is the most exciting actor to emerge in a decade.

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